What is CampReward?

Even though the camping industry has been around for many, many years I still consider this a fairly young industry. I am amazed at the amount of opportunity that is available and how few companies are part of this space. CampReward is a new online travel company fully dedicated to serving RV Parks and Campgrounds and helping people rediscover the outdoors and reconnect with their friends and family.

Similar to what Expedia does for hotels; CampReward will offer RV Parks and Campgrounds on its site and allow customers to book their vacations directly through our convenient and detailed website. We plan to consolidate this industry and help campers find the right campsite for them through our easy to use online booking tool.

I have been so amazed by the response we have received from the camping industry and how quickly our campground partners have been signing on. They are truly some of the nicest and most dedicated people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I am so excited to take this journey with them and I cannot wait to see how far CampReward can go.

I plan to update everyone on our progress as well as share some online travel tips that I have learned throughout my career both for customers as well as park owners. If there are any specific questions that anyone would like to know please do not hesitate to reach out and ask.


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