Why I Love The Camping Industry

I was not aware of this until recently, but the camping industry has been going strong since 1910! During that time there were very few gas stations, very few paved roads and no highways to be seen…….but there were RV’s.

This industry continues to amaze me every single day with its opportunity for growth and the foundation that it was built upon. When most people think about going on vacation they do it to get away and to relax or experience something new, but one of the most valuable experiences someone can have on vacation is to become closer with the ones you love. Camping has been proven to increase the bonds that we share with those we care about.

Some of my favorite memories of my childhood and of my adult life are when I was camping with my friends and my family. There’s just something about experiencing the outdoors and enjoying the world around us first hand rather than from a screen. I can still remember the first time my wife and I took our son camping. His eyes light up when he saw all of the open space and he simply couldn’t help but to run around and explore the world around him. He had an amazing time and has continued to love the outdoors more and more since then.

If you have not had the opportunity recently I highly suggest you take the opportunity to explore the outdoors. Whether its visiting a local park, going for a hike, taking the RV out for a spin or planning a camping trip at a local state park, take the time to reconnect with the world outside and with those that you love. Life is a beautiful and precious thing and we should enjoy every second that we have.


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